Friday, January 27, 2012

Good bye agression

Charlie has lost most of his aggressive behaviors. He has become a sweet, sensitive, social, gentle kid. We are thrilled. He rarely becomes aggressive with other kids. I can finally sit down when we are at playgrounds and relax.  The next challenge is helping him navigate the complex rules of friendships.  Lately he has been getting upset with other kids exclude him, or won't play with him.  He'll also get upset if he can't run fast enough or keep up with older ones.  He also comes on too strong, he'll hug other kids when they aren't really into it.

He's making friends though. He's initiating and sustaining play.  This week he played an entire afternoon with another boy, doing things like pretending to go on airplane rides, pretending to be cats and playing hide and seek.  The other mom was just as thrilled as I was at the duration and quality of play the boys were having.

I'm amazed by how far he's come in one year. The combo of biomedical treatments, excellent preschool and occupational and behavioral therapy have turned this kid around.  I can't wait to see how much he's improved in another year.  Feb 2013!

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