Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Dentist

When Charlie was 2 1/2 he had 8! root canals. His food intolerances and weak immune system caused him to vomit a lot. All the stomach acid wore away his enamel. He also wouldn't let us brush his teeth. He needed general anaesthetic for the procedure, and it was very expensive.

It is now two years ago. After 15 months of biomedical and occupational therapy, including oral wilbarger protocol to desensitize his mouth, he is able to brush his own teeth, with the typical amount of protest that can be expected from a 4 year old boy.

We took him to the dentist yesterday. He was anxious, worried that it would hurt.  His teacher told him a funny story about the giant teeth and toothbrush that dentists have.  In the waiting room they had a Dora goes to the dentist book. It perfectly prepared him for the visit.  He was calm, co-operative through the entire cleaning, check-up and x-rays. The dental hygenist, dentist and Dan and I were really surprised.  He was excited to get his three gifts from the treasure box, and then he said "I like the dentist" as we left!??

Unfortunately he has more cavities in his back teeth.  This could be an unfortunate side effect of all the juice with melatonin before bed. Plus the early years of not brushing. It could also be related to dysbiosis and salivarypH? I'm ready to have a no juice after teeth are brushed rule. We'll switch to water at night....see how it goes.


  1. 8 root canals? poor guy! poor you!

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