Sunday, September 9, 2012

French Immersion

The ultimate litmus test for the effectiveness of Charlie's treatments is whether or not he can thrive in a mainstream public school in a french immersion program.

Last week he started full day senior kindergarten.  25 kids in his class, one teacher, one ECE. No extra special needs support.

So far, we are thrilled. He's making friends, he's having fun. Most importantly, he loves it.

The only issue we had was on Friday afternoon. He fell and had a big meltdown. The factors preceding the meltdown are completely explainable.

It was a very hot and humid afternoon. He was wearing shoes and pants for the first time, after a summer of crocs and shorts.  For kids on the spectrum, a change in seasons and wardrobe can be problematic. The shoes are too heavy, the clothes to hot and itchy. They were playing in the playground, his friend hurt his toe and was bleeding, so he ran to get the teacher. He tripped and fell and hurt his hands and knee. He couldn't calm himself because he was hot, thirsty, tired and overwhelmed with emotion.

He's eating his lunch, but he won't drink water from his water bottle.  I'm going to meet with his teacher on Tues after school to show her some documents and reports and talk about charlie.  I think if he is encouraged to drink from the water fountain.

Supplement-wise, we have noticed an improvement when using only Kirkman brand products. Even Thorne and Metagenics had some impurites that were causing some headaches.

He is doing so well on just:

mB12 shots every 3 days
gfcf probiotics
oral mB12
Vit D

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