Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dr. Sears and Camp

After three different Naturopaths, we've settle on a supplement program that follows the Dr. Sears approach. With the exception of the multivitamin. I'm going to follow the vitamin recommendations of Dr. Bock. I also re-read the ARI booklet by Dr. James and the three highest scoring supplements according to the parental survey are DMG, vit b6 and magnesium. Those will be next.

Love adding a sublingual mb12 on day 3. His afternoon yesterday was awfull without it. Attacking every kid he sees, poopy diapers, spaced out, headache, anxious and sensory issues overwhelming. Mb12 just make his brain work.

He's going to an integrated day camp. Today was his second day, and so far, he's enjoying it. It's the best integrated preschool in the city. If they can't work with him, we're in trouble!

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