Friday, July 1, 2011

Naturopath #3

I had an appointment with Dr. Clack on Wednesday. He has a clinic at Ontario HBOT. We reviewed the Organic Acids test results from Great Plains Labs. He's got yeast and clostridium defficient in vitC and b12.

His recommendation is to focus on killing yeast and clostridia. I'm giving him 2 capsules of Culturelle and 2 of Genestra HMF Forte every day. So far, amazing. He's pooping in the toilet, and they look healthy!!!

He suggested digestive enzymes with each meal. He is able to tolerate the Kirkman enzymes. He suggested folinic or 5MTHF. He reacted violently to Kirkman folinic. He tantrumed for hours.

He's doing very well with the following plan:

Mb12 injection every 3 nights
Sublingual mb12 on day 2 and 3 when the injection wears off
1/8 taurine
2 Genestra HMF forte
2 Culturelle
Kirkman digestive enzymes with food
1/2 capsule SISU ester C 2-3 times per day
3mg melatonin at night

I'm cutting out all refined sugar. KRISDA makes a Stevia and inulin for baking that replaces at 1:1. I'm going to Phase out juice. Once he learns to swallow pills I can totally cut it out. We are using a Britta water filter, I'm going to look into other filtration systems.

We are going camping tomorrow. On the way home we are stopping at a farm for a freezer order of meat. The beef is grass fed, antibiotic free. They also have an egg CSA.

I'm not going to do the vegetable CSA, just shop at Fiesta and the Manning green grocer.

I'm making an appointment with Dr. Bock in Rheinbeck NY. According to his books, he does a lot of testing and takes a very systematic approach. That's what Charlie needs, his sensitivities and immune system are so delicate right now.

I visited a school yyesterday, the principal was great, the teachers seemed really experienced and had a great attitude. The secretary is our neighbours daughter. I'm going to sign him up. I also want to sign him up at catholic school too as they will integrate him.

My plan is still to do French immersion, I have high hopes for a great recovery.

I went to visit the Natural Nutrition School yesterday. I'm excited, it's one night of lectures on Tuesday 6:30-9:30. One night of electives. Two year program. 14 case studies.

This morning I made quinoa and brown rice pancakes with blueberries, Ontario strawberries w/Stevia and pastured pork sausages.


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