Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Goodbye day 3

We had a fantastic weekend. It started really badly. We had to pack up for a birthday party/beach picnic and overnight trip. When we were about to drive off, we noticced a flat tire. Our neighbour had a compressor, he inflated our tire so we could get to Canadian Tire to get it fixed. While at CT, he enjoyed riding the 2 wheelers. Time for trainig wheels. We also picked up an air matress and some pump guns, which made beach time really fun for him. His behavior was excellent. We went to a beach birthday party, he had no meltdowns and actually joined the kids during Happy Birthday and cupcakes. We made the cupcakes, so he was pretty invested and the party was outdoors, which helped minimize his auditory defensiveness and sensitivity to sound.

That night we drove to London for Day Out with Thomas and stayed at Four Points. He woke briefly in the hotel room, commented on the amount of pillows, and sedges off to sleep. He awoke at 7:30, happy and excited. I gave him a mB12 shot. We watched Hop. He really enjoyed it.

He was great all day at Day Out with Thomas. No meltdowns. I love day 1 after a shot. We picked up a stomach bug. Another mom thinks it was from the petting zoo. I was the most sick, Charlie suffered the least, maybe the first time in his life that we were all worse off. His immune system is coming back. We also went to the beach at Port Stanley on Sunday night.

For the stomach bug(could be giardia) I'm taking grapefruit seed extract 2-3 times a day, and oregano oil under my tongue. I'm also taking probiotics.

This afternoon (day 3) was horrible. He tantrumed most of the time at bowling. Lots of anxiety. He wouldn't bowl, just repeat phrases like 'I don't want to play pinball' and 'I don't want to go home'.

Once we got home he became terribly violent with Clara, he kept slamming he finger in drawers. I was worried for her safety. I locked the two of us in my bedroom and played music to drown out his violent tantrum that lasted for hours. I decided to give him another shot. He had 3 mb12 tablets, but they just don't compare to injections.

I was meeting Dan at 5pm at the Centre Island ferry docks. Within minutes of the injection, he became calm. He told me he loved me, and kept asking if I was feeling better. He had a wonderful night, going on rides and chasing seagulls. Not violent and initiating social contact with other kids.

I'm going to give him injections every 2 days. I can't go through the tantrums anymore. He is too strong, he is g

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