Friday, June 10, 2011

1 week down

I gave him his 3rd shot last night. I put the liquid fish oil in a syringe with a feeding tube and while he was sleeping, injected it into his cheek.

His first words when he woke up were 'I love you Dandy'. No tantrums this morning. I made him a smoothie with:

Organic blueberries
Organic strawberries
Almond breeze
Organic spinach
1 capsule carnosine
1/2 scoop of Asd multi vitamin

I made him scrambled organic eggs with organic ketchup and organic grape tomatoes.

He behaved well through the morning while at the waterfront with friends.

His first meltdown happened when we decided to stop on the waterfront path for a picnic. He has trouble with eating with people. It's too social for him. He had repetitive vocalizations 'I want to go home' and I was starting to pack up and throw in the towel, when a GO train passed by and saved the day. For the rest of the afternoon the sight of GO trains calmed him and seemed to re-set his composure. He showed some agression, pushing/tackling/kicking/spitting. When I tried to remove him to protect the other kids he did something he's NEVER done before. He turned the aggression to me and started hitting me in the face.

His eye contact has improved, he had sustained conversations with his friend. He initiated appropriate social contact with other kids and actually outlasted a 5.5 yr old in conversation, the kid turned to me, looking perplexed and asked 'how old is he'.

That is such a complex question. He's got the expressive and receptive language of a 5 year old. The body of a 4 year old, the emotional maturity of a 2 year old and the special interests of a 50 year old(bowling, golf, fishing and trains).

I said 'Charlie, tell him how old you are'. The answer, 'I'm 3 and a half'.

I'm going to cut back on sweets.

He had rice pasta, baked snapper. peas, asparagus and diluted orange juice with the other half scoop of multivitamin.

He then became very hyper and communicative and then violent with Clara. Huge meltdown, then he fell asleep watching Hero of the Rails after drinking chocolate almond breeze and 3mg Melatonin.

Tomorrow I might leave out that second 1/2 scoop at night.

Tonight I need to give him the fish oil through the tube.

I wish there was a way to tame the aggression.

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