Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 2 methylB12

He woke up today at 4am, complaining about needing a diaper change. This is a good thing. That means he is now aware of the sensations of peeing himself at night, and is finding it a discomfort.  The only problem is that after going to bed at 8pm, he'd already had 8 hours of sleep (thank you 3 mg of Melatonin) and cannot fall asleep again.  So he asked to watch Mighty Machines (repetitive special interest that helps calm his brain enough to sleep). It took him 2.5 hours to calm down enough to sleep, then slept from 6:30am-8am when Clara woke up.

I will give him 2 mg of melatonin tonight at 8pm.  Try to get him on the potty before he passes out. Then he should sleep 9pm-5am, and wake needing to pee etc. I'll put the remaining 1mg of melatonin in his water by the bed, so that it will help him fall back to sleep.

He woke up and had excellent eye contact.  However, he awoke in a meltdown.  He wanted to go bowling(another special interest).  He would not have breakfast, or accept that he had to go to Grandpa Trudeaus first.  He is complaining about being dizzy. However, he is making eye contact and expressing himself very well.  He has nice long sentences and is telling stories from the past few days.  He is crashing more.  I think the dizzyness and crashing is a vestibular issue.  Dan hung him upside down and did wheelbarrow this morning and he has been rolling and lying down the past two days. 

So in summary, methylB12 has done great things for eye contact and social communication, but his vestibular issues, GI and emotional regulation are worse.

Perhaps this could be a die off effect. As the probiotics kill yeast they release more toxins into his body?

Ill give it one more day, then contact the Naturopath.

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