Friday, June 3, 2011

Today we started implementing the treatment protocol recommended by a Naturopath named Sonya Doherty who specializes in treating autism and ADHD. Her website is She has some fantastic info and links on her website.
I was able to purchase most of the supplements through her, but not the Natren probiotics she suggested. I found the probiotics on, but they are also stocked at:

Second Nature, 2170 Bloor St. West, 416-915-8269
Supplements Plus,  2304 Bloor St. West,  416-766-2084
Whole Foods, 55 Avenue Road, 416-944-0500

While I wait for the Natren Healthy Starter kit to arrive, I picked up Culturelle from Habers compounding pharmacy at 1584 Bathurst St. Just north of St. Clair. This pharmacy supplies methylB12 injections. 

For the past three nights we've given him 3mg of Melatonin in some juice at 9pm. Today he woke up very quickly, was alert not groggy, he remained upright and made eye contact while calmly communicating.

I was able to get a urine sample in the potty, which is very hard to achieve first thing in the morning. The urine sample will be shipped to Great Plains Laboratory in the U.S. for an Organics Acid Test.

'The Organic Acids Test (OAT) provides a metabolic “snapshot” based on the products the body discards through the urine. These small, discarded organic acid molecules are byproducts of human cellular activity, the digestion of foods, and the metabolism of gastrointestinal flora. At certain levels, organic acids in urine may be indicators of toxicity or “markers” of metabolic pathways. Metabolites of yeast or gastrointestinal bacteria appear against the background of normal human metabolites and provide an assessment of yeast and bacterial activity.

For breakfast I gave him organic strawberries, Van's gfcf waffles and maple syrup.

I made a smoothie with 2 organic bananas, almond milk, organic strawberries, frozen blueberries. To it I added:

1 500mg capsule carnosine
1 scoop of ASD multivitamin
1 teaspoon of Nordic Naturals ProDHA liquid in lemon
1 capsule of Culturelle probiotic

He wouldn't drink it because of the lemon flavour.

I gave him some strawberry ProEFA capsules, but he chewed them, instead of swallowing them, then spat them out.  I need to get the Nordic Naturals Children's Chewables, I know he likes them from the sample he tried from Dr. Doherty's conference.

I added the carnosine, multi and probiotic to his apple juice and he drank it without any complaint.

I noticed an increase in eye contact today, a decrease in repetitive behaviors, an improved emotional regulation.  He had 1 meltdown at the ROM, because it was 3pm and he was tired and ready to leave.  He did not display aggressive behaviors in the park today at all.  For the past week, he had been chronically aggressive, needing constant behaviour interventions.  On Monday he hit or pushed every child in the park.  Today he did not show aggression to anyone!  He had a very healthy well formed poop in the potty.  No diarrhea.  He also went pee in the toilet three times today.

For lunch I packed some rice crackers, gfcf cookies, turkey bites and juice.  He actually requested to join  us in the cafeteria.  I had assumed he wouldn't want to sit and eat with us, so I made plans for him to stay with my mom. 

I made bbq chicken and antibiotic-free ribs with Asian slaw and potato salad for dinner. He ate the unsauced chicken, ribs and potatoes.  He chose to sit with the group outside, even though another child was inside playing.  He played with two other children for  the rest of the evening without requiring  adult behavioral intervention.  Just last night, while playing with the same child, he could not be left alone, and required constant behaviour intervention. He hit him and crashed his trike into him. 

A very significant event occurred after dinner.  He asked me to cut his hair.  He sat down outside for about 5 min and allowed me to give him a complete haircut.  I have not been able to cut his hair while he is awake until now. Occasionally he would let me bribe him into letting me snip once while he watches YouTube.  Requesting a haircut then sitting through one is enormous progress.

Tonight I gave  him his first methylB12 shot while he slept.  I can't wait to see the child that greets me in the morning!

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