Thursday, June 9, 2011

Positive Negative

This except is from the TACANOW site describing the effects of methylB12 It is important to understand how to interpret a “true negative” side effect from what I call a “positive negative” side effect. For example, all aggression, biting, hitting, kicking, and tantruming are not bad though it is always undesirable. The reason I say this goes back to one of the main benefits of Methyl-B12 therapy, increased awareness. Soon after initiating Methyl-B12 therapy, most children are suddenly more aware of their wants and needs. They are more aware of what they can and cannot do. They have lived in a state of social void for several years not being able to get what they needed, nor possibly even knowing what they needed. Now the world and all it has to offer is suddenly presented to them and they are overwhelmed, they cannot speak or make their wants and needs known , so therefore they act out inappropriately. The same line of reasoning applies when children may be found crying, moody, or sullen. Suddenly they are more aware of their social needs as well as their social inadequacies. Because methylation affects all parts of the brain including the hippocampus and limbic system, for the first time in their lives, or at least to a stronger degree than ever before, they not only feel their emotions but act appropriately upon them and cry. As a general rule, “positive negative” side effects also diminish or disappear within 2 to 6 months. So today we are oscillating between stimming (watching marble runs on YouTube), appropriate social communication where he looks at my eyes and maintains a conversation not related to his special interests for several sentences and the 'positive negative' side effect of vestibular dysfunction or crashing and emotional dysfunction or tantrums. He took all his supplements, including letting me do a castor oil massage, but won't eat. He had bad diarrhea too, but he looks less bloated. This is exhausting.

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