Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aspie boy meets Aspie girl

Yesterday was a heatwave. 40C with humidex. He woke with repetitive vocalizations 'I want to go bowling' over and over. He was hyper in the park, but the first splashpad of the season is pretty exciting. He's trying to socialize with almost EVERY kid he sees. I still need to follow him around because he can become aggressive very suddenly. There were a group of boys that all knew eachother and were playing too roughly. For example one kid was hitting everyone with a broom on top of the slide, and another wouldn't let him go down. Charlie ended up pushing a girl, I think this was out of frustration. I had to go up and pull him down and sit him down, but he gets so worked up. I also glared at the lazy moms and one of them came to monitor their brats. One of them told me he wanted to hit Charlie in the head with a baseball bat. In these circumstances I always want to scream at the parent. 'My kid has Autism, that is why he has some challenging behaviors, what's your excuse?' The answer of course being lazy parenting. Once the Lord or the Flies left and things quieted down, a girl came with her grandmother who showed a lot of the signs of Aspergers. Hyper aware of animals, water, hand flapping and odd grunting combined with an advanced use of language for her age and an odd prosody. Charlie never showed any aggression, he did tip over her sandcastle when she left the sandbox, but after wards the had the most interesting conversation. Aspie girl 'I was telling you to not touch my sandcastle, and you were not listening' repeated a few times It was like they were speaking the same language, Aspergeese. They had the longest sustained conversation I've ever seen, she understood everything he said. They had no problem with turn taking and seemed really calm with eachother. I wish there was a school for Aspergers. Or a school that partially integrated them in younger grades. It was so sweet seeing him connect with another one of his kind! I now put the carnosine and 1/2 a scoop of his ASD vitamin in diluted apple juice. I must be either Allens or PC or Compliments organic, or he won't drink it. I'll never buy Tropicana again. Then a second juice gets the probiotics and the second scoop of vitamins. I can get the 2-4 ts of ground flax in his cereal or pancakes and waffles. I can't get the fish oil in. I still have the syringe and feeding tubes from when they were newborns. I'm going to try to squirt it in his mouth at night. Yesterday he had 2 bowls of rice crisp cereal and almond milk. I made huevos rancheros for lunch, Clara and I loved it, he just had scrambled eggs with ketchup. I'm going to try to make my own ketchup. For dinner I made hamburgers on Kinnickkinnick buns. He ate a whole one! Plus sweet potato fries and green beans. Motts has a natural juice freezie. After dinner we took some to our park. No behavior problems at all because the kids were all older than 6. He socialized so well with kids 6-10. I wish we could just put him into grade 1 next year! My hope is that he will outgrow this aggressive stage, by the time he is ready for school. He said he thinks he can earn his bowling marble today. He said he'll be gentle with us today. Fingers crossed.

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