Monday, June 27, 2011

I need to figure out what is causing his vestibular 'attacks'. This morning it was bad. He complains of a headache, feels cold then gets dizzy and spaced out. Now he is fine? I'm wondering if it is diet?
Last night we gave him an mB12 shot and fish oil while sleeping.

This morning he had:
Coco rice cereal
Almond milk

Oj with
1/4 ASD multi
1/4 GABA
NOW probiotic

He was hyper and crashing all morning

Then apple juice with
1/8 ASD multi
1/8 GABA
1/8 taurine
1/2 now probiotic

He's calm now and watching YouTube.

For lunch he's having hamburger, sausage, sweet potato fries and a banana

I've given him a third juice with:
1/8 asd multi
1/8 GABA
1/8 taurine
1/2 Genestra probiotic

I think this will be the standard dose for now, I don't think he can handle any more of that multi vitamin without crashing and getting hyper.

Can't wait for the Kirkman multi to arrive along with the digestive enzymes.

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