Saturday, June 11, 2011

GABA for anxiety and aggression

No problem getting 5ml of fish oil in while he sleeps by syringe. I think I should use the syringe method for more supplements.

I made a smoothie this morning with
Org blurbs
Org Strawbs
Org banana
Org spinach
Almond milk
1/2 scoop super ASD
1 capsule carnisine

He only drank 1/2 the smoothie

I'm torn with whether to reduce his juice consumption to prevent yeast growth, or use juice to hide supplements.

He had org rice and millet cereal with raspberries and almond milk. To it I added its of ground flax.

He did well the whole morning. The first meltdown happened when waiting to go for a kayak ride at Sunnyside for Paddlefest.

He didn't show aggression to the one kid he encountered at the park so we awarded him a bowling marble, took him out for sushi and the boys went out bowling.

Clara and I went shopping and I picked up NOW probiotics and digestive enzymes. I also picked up some GABA which is supposed to help with anxiety and aggression.

I made a smoothie with

Choc almond milk
Digestive enzymes
1/2 scoop multi vitamin

He didn't drink it, the flavour was not great.

I just read that you shouldn't mix probiotics and digestive enzymes. Also read that multivitamins should not be given at night because of sleeplessness and hyperactivity.

I just gave him 3mg of melatonin and 1/4 ts GABA, and the aggression/hyperactivity has stopped.

Here is my plan tomorrow:

In juice:
1/4 scoop ASD multivitamin
1 capsule carnosine
1/4 ts GABA
1 capsule digestive enzyme

In smoothie:

In breakfast:
2 ts ground flaX

This way I only make 1 smoothie for the whole family, if he doesn't drink it, I will.

At night he can get his melatonin with more GABA if needed

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