Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today was his first day on methylB12. Not great. None of us were in good moods though. We might have exhausted ourselves yesterday going to the ROM then hosting friends and family till around 9:30pm. The weather was bad and cold, maybe the change in the weather had something to do with it.

He had lots of meltdowns today, he crashed into a little 1 year old than was over. He also complained of being dizzy. He wouldn't use the toilet, he had 2 episodes of diahrrea. Hopefully things settle down for him and these side effects are temporary.

The b12 shot was easy to administer. He woke up at a decent time I gave him the same breakfast and supplements as the day before. Today I added ground flax to his breakfast and lunch. For lunch I made the Sunday morning pancake recipe from ADHD/Autism cookbook, plus bacon, fruit salad. He was a handful. Hopefully the effect of methylb12 will mellow out tomorrow on the second day after the shot and he will behave like yesterday. Or I read in the Dr. Sears book that he might have a hyperactive metylation cycle. I'll see what tomorrow brings.

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