Saturday, June 18, 2011

Missed an mB12 shot

After the last posting, he regressed into autism.  He spent the afternoon screaming, hurting his sister, watching repetitive clips on Youtube, ignoring us, not communicating and refusing to go to the park.

My mom was over and witnessed the whole thing.  I realized I'd forgotten to give him a mB12 shot the night before, because I fell asleep before he did.

While he was watching the computer, I grabbed him and gave him an injection.  He didn't cry, he just said "I don't like that".

Within 20min, he began to socialize.  He began to make eye contact, comment on the Youtube clip, and displayed a shared interest in the narrative.

We asked him if he wanted to go to the park again.  He looked at our eyes, and pleasantly agreed.  We walked to the park, he was walking ahead of us, and turned around to make eye contact and smile.

At the park, he climbed the slide, got to the top of the slide, and turned to make eye contact with me and said 'I love you'. 

I can't think of a more compelling or convincing scenario which shows the need for universal nB12 injections in all kids with ASD. 

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