Thursday, June 16, 2011


I worked yesterday , so can't comment on the details. He was not aggressive in the park. He earned his bowling marble, so Dan took him to Kipling Bowlerama and then to a park. He scored a strike in 10 pin. He was thrilled.

Both kids stayed up way too late, despite his 4mg of melatonin. I blame the lunar eclipse.

This morning he had a 'normal' routine. No screaming or asking for special interests. He went 1&2 in the toilet! Brushed his teeth and got dressed. He still demands to be fed. He had rice cereal with almond milk.

No meltdown when the babysitter came to pick him up, he was reluctant, but eventually went and had a good time.

The first juice had:
1 capsule carnosine
1/4 multi
1/4 GABA

I made organic veg soup with:

Roasted chicken stock
Navy beans
Basmati rice

I had 3 bowls and the kids each had one.

His second juice had

1/4 asd multi
1/8 GABA
1 capsule probiotic

He is watching YouTube clips that he was obsessed with a year ago and screaming a lot this afternoon. I thInk he's tired, I'm certainy exhausted.

My mom is coming to look after him. He screamed for 2 hours on Sunday when she was here.

I'm tempted to sneak in his methylb12 shot in this afternoon, so that his behavior improves. He'd probably be traumatized by the needle. I don't want him to see it until he is mature enough to tolerate me administering it. That may never happen...needle phobia certainly runs in his family.

He had organic veg soup for lunch with:

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