Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Milk Chocolate Infraction

Last night after bowling he had some milk chocolate. Honest mistake dh thought he'd bought dark chocolate and needed to lure him out of the bowling alley. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, so we didn't get a chance to give him Melatonin. I gave him his b12 shot around 10pm. Never again will he EVER have milk. The combo of milk and b12 was brutal. He woke up at 3 am totally hyper and aware of his environment. He wanted to play with toys he hasn't touched in years. He didn't request any repetitive tv or YouTube clips. He read, built with blocks, gave us kisses, said I love you to Clara and us. Today however was brutal, almost like he was hung over. He tantrumed all day. Wouldn't eat his breakfast, wouldn't drink his supplements mixed with orange juice, then didn't like the brand of apple juice I bought. He seemed to understand my new reward system. I brought the bowling marble with me and used the promise of a trip to the alley as a way to prevent him from being aggressive with Clara, the cat and especially other kids. All that I succeeded in doing was creating a massive tantrum in the park. After he tackled a girl and ran into a boy it dawned on him that he wouldn't be able to bowl. Tantrum for at least 20 min. Then when we got home he finally ate his quinoa and brown rice pancakes, drank the apple juice and he was back in the house and calmed down,he watched bowling, marble runs and screaming eggs on YouTube. Once Dan got home and the realization that he wasn't going bowling hit him again another tantrum ensued. I left to go and get another brand of apple juice for his night supplements of melatonin and Culturelle. I made cucumber maki rolls, oven roasted wild salmon, broccoli, and Ians chicken nuggets. Charlie is now calm, creating imaginary marble runs and machines and has accepted that he'll bowl downstairs. The good news is that he is aware of his surroundings more, he's searching for critters in the yard, wants to read books again, is asking us questions about parts of the house and sounds hears, he's noticing other babies. He hasn't asked for or played with trains all day, although they are being eclipsed by bowling and marble runs. I wasn't expecting b12 to produce such huge developments and challenges at the same time. I suppose most parents go through these challenges and it must be progressing towards a more typical path in development.

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