Monday, June 13, 2011

The worst is over

Last night he ate a lot of roast chicken.

In his last juice I put:
3mg melatonin
1/8mg GABA
Probiotics, I think?

He drifted off late, but without tantrums.

This mornings first juice had:

1/4 ts multivitamin
1/4 ts GABA
1/2 capsule probiotics
1 cap carnosine

He was calm, wanted a lot of YouTube. I noticed that O'Doughs bread has soy. He's been eating it for 2 days. That could explain some of the stimming and agression.

I made a pot of organic veg broth and a pot of organic chicken stock.

Veg broth


Chicken stock
Roasted chicken carcass

He had veg broth with carrots and rice pasta. For a treat he had Annie's gummi bunnies, he ate the red ones, I ate the orange ones.

His second juice had the same supplements as the morning. He was pretty good in the park. No pushing, kicking. lots of social communication. When I wasn't looking, he tried to wrestle with a kid. I 'll tell that's not allowed, he always takes it too far.

This morning he told me he's going to be a gentle boy today. I sighed a big sigh of relief after 2 years of anxiety over his aggression towards his peers.

He used the potty for 1&2 again today. MORE PROGRESS!

He's drinking the vegetable broth. He had a snack of organic rice bread with almond butter and blueberry jam, org tomatoes, org blackberries, org cucumber and org carrots.

That b12 shot is the easiest, simplest autism treatment. I want to become a methylb12 fairy, visiting all autistics every 3 nights to inject it into their bum!

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