Sunday, June 12, 2011

Turning a corner.

This morning he woke up cold, and wanted us to lie down with him and warm him up.  This is a great sign, It means he prefers human comfort and is becoming more sensitive to temperatures. His old habit was to demand that we accompany him while he engages in a repetitive special interest.  For example 'come downstairs and play trains/dominoes/marble run/bowling'.

He was social all morning.

I gave him diluted apple juice with:

1/8 ts super ASD
1 capsule carnosine
1/4 ts GABA

He drank it no problem. He pushed a kid at each park we visited. But he only had one small tantrum.  His anxiety level is diminished.  GABA is working.  Now we need to work on his impulse control in social situations.  Now that he is gaining the independent and imaginative play skills typical of a child his age, I have decided to use tv and computer, and iPhone time as the reward for good and consequence for less desirable behavior.

I sprinkled the digestive enzyme on our food, it spoiled the taste.  I need to find a digestive enzyme with DPP-IV that has the mildest flavour.

I made a smoothie with:

Almond milk

He didn't drink it.  I did, it's a REALLY strong probiotics. I'm feeling horrible today as every yeast cell and pathogenic bacteria in my body is imploding.

He used the potty and went 1 and 2!!!!


He ate a blueberry almond butter sandwich on O'Doughs rice bread.

After lunch I gave him a juice of:

1/8 ts GABA
1/8 ts super ASD multivitamin

I'm going to stop giving flax for now, it's too much fibre. I'm going to start treating for yeast. Start moving towards. An SCD and Candida diet.  Also going to look at grapefruit seed extract.

He asked for books today, told Clara he loved her, asked her to go on the slide with him. He socialized with his peers, even younger boys. He pushed an 18 month old. He set up dominoes by himself.

He had separation anxiety for the first time in his life.  He cried when Dan and I rode off on our bikes for date night, he wanted to join us.  He has NEVER cried when I leave.  This is another Postitive Negative. He cried for 45 min after we left. Passed out from exhaustion. Woke up and cried more. He should have done this when he was 9months old, not 3 years old.

I gave him another diluted apple juice with 1/4 capsule of probiotics.

He pinched his sister a couple of times, so I took away computer. He's at the park now. If he can refrain from aggression at the park today, he'll get to watch Hero of the Rails.

I put an Organic chicken in the oven. Clara is crying lots cause her incisors are coming in.

I'm exhausted, but encouraged.

I'm going to make an appointment with the DAN doctor in Mississauga. Just to get the final CDN DAN! Perspective. Then it's time to turn to US practitioners and watch all the ARI conferences on the web.

The diet was so easy. This is the hardest part. I find it amazing that most of the parents at the Burlington conference thought that a diet change was harder.

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